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Virtual Reality in Immersion by Lauren Bray 2019

Since the release of Spielberg’s Ready Player One in 2018 Virtual Reality has been at the forefront of most moviegoer’s minds. Virtual Reality (VR) is becoming more of an everyday reality as we speak. But VR isn’t just for gaming anymore VR is helping people in multiple professions every day be it through training or every day scenarios.

Magic Mirror

There is a lot more to VR than just putting on a pair of goggles and playing a game, for example you can now buy mirrors that will talk you through different work out regimes or even show you what colour make up or clothing will look good on you before you put it on.You can now even experience a live concert in VR from the comfort of your living room. The possibilities to VR are endless.

Virtual reality is a truly immersive experience no matter what the scenario be it through Google’s 2007 introduction of Street View online, the idea for people to be able to see the surroundings of the place they’re going. Or through advertisement for theme parks new ride, them being able to get a taste of the experience before going.

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VR can be too realistic sometimes…

VR is paving the way for new platforms of not just gaming but film, television, advertisements and experiences. VR is not just a leap into the future but also helping us see into the past with archaeologists now being able to re-model 3D versions old buildings for all of us to see. Even NASA is currently able to work virtually on space crafts and buggy’s as avatars creating a mixed reality.

‘Virtual reality (VR) is an interactive computer-generated experience taking place within a simulated environment, that incorporates mainly auditory and visual, but also other types of sensory feedback like haptic. This immersive environment can be similar to the real world or it can be fantastical, creating an experience that is not possible in ordinary physical reality.’-Efootstep 2018

The educational purposes of VR have increased massively as we are now able to teach about experiences and give people a first hand look into situations and understand the impacts it can have, for example the Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service go around to schools and youth events talking about the risks of drunk and reckless driving and they can experience what it would be like to be in a crash of that magnitude and the consequences that it can have not just for them but for others around them too.

4DX Seating

Many people believe that film will be moving into VR next as cinemas are embracing the 4DX experience VR is the next leap forward for the cinematic world. Also within theatre Andy Serkis is looking into creating a more immersive experience within the theatre word and creating out first VR theatre experience.

HollywoodStreams Ready Player One

‘’Everyone as thought of it as ‘How do we bring the film experience to VR?’ what I actually think we need to do is as ‘How do we bring theatre to VR?’ VR requires much more visceral performance. You create these avatar charcaters, but instead of a film narrative, it’s a play script that is being bought to life’’- Andy Serkis 2018

Going back to Ready Player One, a truly revolutionary film not only for its content but for how it was created, being that over 70% of the narrative is within the world of virtual reality it was shot on one huge blue screen where they had to create a virtual reality world for the actors to immerse themselves into first of all before they could begin the shoot. There was no real set just a massive room. Hollywood streams created a video on how the film was shot and how they had to create a virtual world as a game before they could film.


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