Saving the Nine-Nine!

The ever expanding and colliding worlds of social media creates more and more platforms for fandoms to grow, meet and discuss. They use these platforms in which to express their opinions, have direct contact with not only each other but creators and performers, and bringing the audience that one step closer to the action. The fandom of Brooklyn Nine-Nine! came to the forefront across all platforms, put aside their differences, strangers became friends and old friends re-united on the 10th May 2018 when Fox announced it was cancelling Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a detective sitcom based around the NYPD’s 99thprecinct, which premiered on Fox in 2013. But in 2018, Fox cancelled the much beloved American sitcom after five seasons, which led to an uproar on social media from the fan base all over the world. This is where the fandoms came to the rescue, rallying around the show and its cast members to show their support and their desperation for the show to start again for a another season.

Among those within the fandom where celebrities such as Mark Hamill, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Guillermo Del Toro, Sean Astin and Seth Meyers (now known as guardians of the Nine-Nine), all of used the social media platform Twitter, to express their opinions on the cancellation.

Twitter reactions from Miranda, Hamill, Del Toro, Astin & Myres on the news about the cancelation.

With the help of the five celebrities and the entire fandom from around the world, within 31 hours Brooklyn Nine-Nine! being cancelled, it was rescued. NBC had picked it up for a 6th season.

Fandom: “a way of identifying oneself on a deep and enacting that role”, (e.g. ‘my Fandom for manga cartoons’). I describe this as personal fandom; a shorthand for the fan community: “Many fans feel freer in fandom than outside to express themselves, ask questions, and discuss alternative viewpoints” – (Jenkins 2006, 85) The shows popularity on its new NBC home has also seen it being renewed for a 7thseason and also one of its ‘Guardians’ Lin-Manual Miranda taking up the role of female lead Amy Santiago’s brother.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine isn’t as much part of the cosplaying world as other fantasy shows but it doesn’t stop some people from dressing up as their favourite duo for Halloween. This time of year within the fantasy world of the Ninety Ninth precinct is actually the most reputable and popular time within all past seasons, with the Halloween episode grabbing the top spot for ratings almost every season, so no wonder people are wanting to dress up as their favourite nine-nine characters at this time of year.

The Guardians of the Nine Nine. A cross between Guardians of the Galaxy as the celebrity fandom of Brooklyn Nine Nine.

The power of a fandom can really be the make or break a show. As they’re the ones that will fight for the show to carry on. Without the support of the Brooklyn Nine Nine’s fans, they wouldn’t have been bought by NBC for a new season. Since restarting, it has had continued success and support of the show in its new home at NBC, who have also re-newed it for a 7th season.

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