What do you Meme?

New Media is about forms of digital technologies with new structures of platforms and production such as social media within both public and private spaces. It opens new doors for business and multi platform use. It creates a participatory culture through social media ad fandoms being allowed to express themselves and meet through the world of avatars and their own virtual identities.

There are 4 main areas of new media; Digital Effects, High resolution Film & TV, Video gaming, media/dotcom configurations. The culture around New forms of media changes all the time.

For example, Meme’s and what becomes a viral meme changes on the daily, whenever you log into social media be it Instagram, Twitter or Facebook there will be a new meme that someone has shared. A meme comes in all media forms of videos, photos, sound clips and even people.

Arató András

Let’s look at ‘Hide the pain Harold’ who is actually named Arató András from Hungary. He took part in a photo shoot for series of stock images where he was a painter, doctor, using a computer, eating and many more scenarios. András is a 72 year old retired painter who took the opportunity to be apart of the photo shoot after a photographer saw one of his holiday snaps. After the photos were released within the year the Facebook group ‘Hide the pain Harold’ had been created, imagining up different scenarios to caption András’ stock photos. Since his new found fame he gets stopped in the streets for photos or for people to just to say hello, András says it took some time for him to get used to his fame, but has now embraced it fully and actively posts new photos and videos which are shared to the infamous Facebook page.

Hide the pain Harold Facebook Page

This shows that anything can become viral and a meme, and it may not be instantaneous, it may be completely out of the blue and like András you may not even know about your new found fame for quite some time.

Danielle Bregoli AKA Bhad Bhabie

Danielle Bregoli, more commonly know as the ‘Kash me outside girl’ rose to fame after a short clip of here on popular American TV show Dr. Phil went viral and became a meme on everyone’s social media feed. Now going by her stage name of Bhad Bhabie online she has created quite the household name for herself and now has a very successful rap career. Unlike ‘Hide the pain Harold’ Bregoli’s clip on Dr. Phill went viral almost instantly with her phrase ‘Cash me outside howbow dah’ phrase becoming another common response for many people not only on social media but in normal everyday conversation too. She made the most of her fame and embraced the attention and promoted her own music and now has a growing YouTube channel where she uplods not only music but daily routine, challenge and collaborative videos accumulating over 6 million subscribers.

Although pointless to many, memes have become a new art form and between many people a way of communicating. Tagging in or sending your friends memes through text or social media, responding to a message with a photo of grumpy cat or a suitable vine for the situation has just become a norm.


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